• Ashwin Devulacheruvu

The future of Business Solutions

I feel most of them reading this blog are aware of Probability i.e. “People who bought this also bought this” (Recommendation Engine). It is one of the futuristic ways of dealing with your clients, it’s a way of psychology. You see something on Amazon you like for and then exit it without buying, and then this model follows you on social media popping up now and then the longer time you take to buy the more discount to get sometimes it is one advanced AI system which they are using for Business. When you post a story on Instagram, the first one on the list is the one you are closest, there is an AI doing this automation.

I want to conclude here that some of the richest business people in the world are doing business from the future with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

They rapidly grew faster in the field because of Data Driven Decisions, Here at Win Whispers we are capable of doing the following predictions for you;

One thing I observed in locations like Bangalore, Mysuru, Mangalore people are not getting what they want, instead they are being convinced to have something they really didn’t wish for. We have a solution for this where we can identify your clients hiding in the crowd. (Big Data Solutions). These solutions can be successfully implemented in the following areas of Business;

1. Market Trend: Identifying the market trend on the product/service you are offering to clients is one the important aspects in dealing with a high quality business, for example the price the clients are ready to spare for a type of service/product, what is that the people in general want from your business all these can be easily identified well in advance. For example if the research confirms that in 2021 the price of the Real Estate may go High, it is the right time to invest now in 2020 in the location Mysuru, because it is the safest city and migrants from certain locations can be expected and the place they work (type of employees expected), which is the place they work and type of living they look at, chances of buying plots, the location they prefer buying all these can be identified prior and can be ready for your clients.

2. Plot Analysis: A Land Developer has developed a certain acres of land into a community/Layout in a certain location, with fixed dimension of the plots and it is ready for sale. If traditional methods are followed in sales it might take longer time compared to solutions from win whispers. Here at Win Whispers we carry out a small survey to identify all the co-relating factors strongly affecting towards sale of the plot and this formula will be implemented to build a Artificial Intelligence model to predict with the entire states population to identify the clients falling in these co-relating factors and the results are your clients who are looking to buy plot from you, So to conclude we create a path where your clients can reach you faster and vice versa.

3. Forecast Threats with maximum accuracy: Identify the Business threats if there are any, for example Swiggy and Zomato made business more than restaurant owners, people got so addicted to ordering food and people going to the restaurant reduced. This is considered as a big threat to restaurants as they have to work under them after certain years. Because you are giving an opportunity to rate 1-5 from someone sitting somewhere eating your food delivered from some delivery agent, to conclude there are places where without restaurants error the standards may come down gradually, we can predict all kinds of threats well in advance.

4. Pattern Analysis: Type of business pattern to be followed to achieve maximum business in the field.

5. Opinion mining and Strategy planning: The opinions from the clients will be collected and then processed through NLP Algorithm to find the best strategy benefiting both Client and the Vendor, leading to long lasting relationship with the client is satisfied the maximum.

We are a One Stop Solution to all the Business Needs, book an appointment today for one to one Strategical session to know more about upgrading your business faster than your competitors.

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