• Ashwin Devulacheruvu

Empowering Growth of Businesses with Real Data

Almost everyone in this world knows that for a seed or plant to grow to its maximum potential it requires water, sun light and certain minerals in the land. Similarly Business needs different kinds of resources for it to run efficiently and consistently.

Today in this blog we are discussing about Real Data and its powers which is directly proportional to the increased growth of a Business. Not everyone is your client but you can convert most of them into your clients with Business Intelligence & Data Science.

It is not what you sell, it is all about what your clients want from you or out of your Business, it is like knowing a secret about you and your business on what the clients think and feel about your business.

For Example: Consider a Vine Factory producing five different types of mixes, and all the types of mixes are sent to different localities and outlets around a city. Here in few locations some type of mixes are sold in a rapid pace and few are left out with zero sales, now what the outlet owner does is, he starts to buy only the type of mix which is fast moving. He stops ordering the mixes which has zero sales to his outlet, this is considered as intelligence.

To conclude this example each location or locality have different needs, understanding their needs prior has a chance of increasing the business 40% faster and also can reduce costs. In the vine example there were all types of mixes sent to all the outlets and then it was sorted on what type of mixes should be sent to each outlet based on sales and the shopkeeper at the outlet, for a smaller city this can be done and it is called as trial and error method, but consider when they have to distribute worldwide it is a Big Data problem now.

Win Whispers can provide solutions to these kind of problems where the growth of the business can be faster and more efficient & the cost can be cut down which is being spent on trial and error method.

Empowering Business Growth often leverages customer data in experimentation process, in the form of A/B testing. The goal is to use big data to gain a better understanding of the customer need on a particular product or service via complete view across every touch point of the organisation, in order to enable optimal customer experience, we named ourselves as Growth Hackers and we can grab insights to help optimise marketing campaigns, increase customer loyalty and retention, track social media interaction, predict sales trends and enhance customer experience.

Marketers have always led brand growth by focusing on reach, relevance and awareness. They are now tasked with driving business growth in terms of customer acquisition, conversion, retention, loyalty and lifetime value. Their role has expanded to include leadership in areas like digital commerce, customer experience, sales and business development. Data collection, analysis integration and activation are mission-critical for marketers to succeed at their core responsibilities and to fulfil these new areas of accountability.

Win Whispers have unprecedented access to data and data collection for a particular product or service. The challenge is turning data into meaningful insight and then acting on that insight for better and optimised sales for your business.

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