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Civilizational changes required to tackle COVID-19.

Hello readers, Greetings of the day from Win Whispers, after about 25 days of Lockdown in India, Win is trying to Whisper few secrets analysing the situation to fight the world in our paths in the upcoming decade.

The following blog will discuss few Strategies in the areas such as Health, Business and Education, where these strategies can be helpful to tackle COVID-19.

To begin with Virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that has a capacity to replicate the living cells of an organism (Wikipedia, 2010). Viruses are not living thing, viruses are made up of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates (Virology, 2004). Viruses can do nothing on their own until they enter a living cell (Win, 2020).

According to Dr. Steven Greer (Specially appointed as a Research Scientist for COVID-19, London 2020) about 60 per cent of the population will be exposed to the Corona Virus, we hope our readers stay immune to COVID-19 by adapting these strategies.


The world is infected with Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) which is making us panic about various issues in our day to day lives. The half-life of the virus is more, it stays four hours in the air, and days on plastic. Social Isolation/Distancing & lockdown helps us not to spread the Virus in a large scale, but slows down the spreading speed. According to few studies, Humans can develop natural immunity to fight the Virus to an extent. Once the lockdown period is over the Virus is still going to be there in our surroundings and there are chances where we can come across Corona Virus. Even if the vaccine is invented, there are chances of some deadly side effects on the body. Hence there has to be few changes made in our lives in order to stay away from these kinds of viruses. I call these changes as Civilizational Change 2020.

Physical activity and Hygiene are given the top priorities at the moment on Media. According to our study there are few food habits which can make human bodies more immune to COVID-19. Our study reveals that except one Tiger at Bronx Zoo, there are no pet or animals tested positive for COVID-19 because most of the animals make their own Vitamin C making them immune to certain Viruses and Diseases naturally but humans don’t have this ability to prepare Vitamin C. The strategy here is consume Liposomal Vitamin C which can be prepared at home or the best suggestion is to consume citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach. If your immune system is weak you can take supplements for Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Zinc. High dose of Vitamin C is suggested. Physical activity which increase the lung capacities is suggested to have a healthier life for the future.


As soon as the lockdown gets over everyone will probably have good sales in the beginning but the effects of COVID-19 may be seen after a month or so, the effects on Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) is on the higher side because of high competition in the sector. Rupee value increases, every penny should be accounted in this situation. All the minor loop holes should be streamlined to perfection, and few development strategies should be built analysing Market Trend, Customer Behaviour, and so on suitable to the industry. Few general strategies are discussed below.

  1. Understanding the market trend becomes a very important aspect, where you need to understand the market needs before producing the finished product, if the product/service/ is not trendy and impressive its high time that your business is being snatched by your competitor.

  2. Surveillance, you need to monitor the business not in-terms of having CCTV, but in-terms of understanding the client and vendor relationship to enhance the client experience. Accountability is also a type of surveillance, this will provide you with Live Stock balance, Live Sales and also predicts the profit for the end of the month on your mobile screen analysing with the available data, which helps in decision making.

  3. Marketing, I know marketing is an important aspect of any business but at the moment it is not that effective to spend more on marketing, instead I suggest here to spend some money to build strategies suitable for your firm in the present situation, Conducting a Market Research about your firm in the target area helps you to achieve a steady growth.

  4. Investors who are looking at investing after the pandemic ends, I suggest you to invest in the areas such as Farming, Fishery and Small scale productions. For better results I also suggest investors to perform a Research in the location of investment to understand the trend, where achieving profits can be foreseen and decision can be made easily on investing.


I am sure Students and few Graduates are afraid of being employed. I think most of the readers are aware that employees are being fired around the nation. When it comes to recruiting new employees they will be keen on the following issues;

  1. Structure: a. Creating critical incident Management teams.

b. Giving more importance in recruiting the right candidate for the project.

2. Process:

a. Candidate should be able to engage in iterative problem-solving and execution very quick.

b. The candidate should be able to establish goals, develop options, choose best course of action relevant to the present situation.

3. Team Work

a. Teaming can be impactful, as leadership can come from anyone and everyone and the candidate should be flexible.

4. Communication

a. The candidate should not talk something irrelevant, should focus on facts, give hope and empathise with situation.

Here at Win Whispers, we whisper Strategies, Techniques and also implement futuristic Methods to turn out the worst situation to best with our Researching skills. Book an appointment today for One-One Strategical Session.

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